Don’t let IBS control your life. Control your IBS.

I’ve taught women just like you, how to heal their IBS, naturally. 

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I’m a trained, qualified and accredited Nutritionist and I’ve helped plenty of people overcome their IBS naturally, without the need for medications.  

IBS is the reason I qualified as a Nutritionist; I wanted to know what was causing my IBS and if I could do anything about it. If you think you have IBS, you may recognise how I used to feel;

  • You struggle to make it through your workday without missing a meeting
  • You spend your mornings tied to the bathroom until you finally feel confident enough to leave the home - or at least know where every bathroom is on your way to where you are going
  • You can’t be intimate with your partner because the constipation and abdominal pain are so intense
  • You can't seem to figure out WHICH foods you are eating that are giving you such terrible symptoms
  • You just can't face the prospect of a long bus or plane ride without stocking up on pills first
IBS Pain Relief

I can help you overcome IBS as I’ve done for myself and for my clients.

Meet Your Nutritionist

IBS Nutritionist London

I’m Sylwia, a registered Nutritional Therapist and Coach. I’ve yet to find a client diagnosed with IBS who I’ve not been able to successfully treat.

I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I’m also accredited and regulated by the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT), and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 

CNHC Registered
Registered Nutritionist in London
NLP Practitioner

Sylwia is amazing! She is thoughtful, very knowledgeable, insightful and methodical. Working with her has been a real gift to me and a great decision.


How does treatment work?

Step 1  

IBS Consultation London Step 1

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Pick a date and time for an initial phone consultation.

Step 2  

IBS Consultation London Step 2

Tell me about your symptoms.

We’ll discuss your health history, symptoms, diet and lifestyle.

Step 3  

IBS Consultation London Step 3

Implement your personal plan.

If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll develop a plan to treat your IBS and restore a healthy, balanced, gut

My IBS Story

IBS Nutritionist London

I was in my mid-twenties, fresh out of university and ready to start my dream job in New York. 

Only it didn’t turn out to be quite the dream I’d hoped for. 

My job was demanding, and I was also trying to build a new network of friends. I was so busy that I didn’t notice the pressure I was actually under. When I found time to eat, I relied far too much on junk food. I did little exercise, worked long hours and pushed myself to the limits, believing I was invincible. I wasn’t. I ran myself into the ground, and soon began experiencing IBS. The debilitating pain, bloating, diarrhoea, lack of energy and poor health and sapped my energy. Some days, I even struggled to get out of bed. I didn’t feel that my doctor was listening to me or taking my symptoms seriously enough, so I began exploring natural medicines. I found a Nutritional Therapist who carried out a number of tests to find out what was triggering my IBS. She created a personalised diet and supplement plan, and I quickly started improving. Within three months I’d reduced my IBS symptoms by 90%. Within six months, I felt like it had cleared completely. The treatment opened my eyes to the power of functional medicine and nutrition. The right diet and support can transform how you feel, look, think and dramatically improve the quality of your life. Nutrition and self-care have helped make me feel like an entirely new person.

What My Clients Say

I'm in the last stage of my treatment, cured from bacteria and all its side effects, all the initial symptoms are gone! I feel happy and balanced! I could not recommend Sylwia more and am extremely grateful for her amazing assistance. Working with her has been a pleasure, she is a kind, thoughtful and smart.  


 Sylwia is incredibly knowledgeable and spends a lot of time doing extra research which means she’s up to date with the latest science. Sylwia's approach revealed I had parasites, pathogenic bacteria overgrowth and H. Pylori. In order of importance, Sylwia put together a plan for me and I'm beyond excited to finally be making progress.  


Sylwia is refreshing, passionate and delightfully caring., she has help me resolve digestive, hormonal and weight loss issues. Making the choice to visit Sylwia was money and time invested in myself, and thats the best investment I could have possibly made. I feel amazing and so much healthier, ALL of the time.  


What I Offer

  • An initial 90 minute personal consultation with someone who understands what you’re going through
  • A comprehensive overview of your health, lifestyle symptoms, medical history, family history, work/life balance, stress levels, and more
  • A food diary to help spot ways to improve your current diet
  • Recommendations on clinical tests, I'll interpret the results and tell you what they mean. And in a language you’ll understand, free from complex medical terms
  • An individual plan thats easy to follow and addresses the route cause and its symptoms
  • Personalised follow-up appointments and support throughout the programme
  • Motivation and support to reach your goal
  • A life free from the symptoms of IBS  

If you’re suffering from any kind of digestive issues but are on the fence about working with a nutritional therapist, i urge you to take a leap of faith!